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Birdi Plus Attendance
Birdi Plus Attendance

BIRDI PLUS STUDY includes the kit Birdi Plus + site session and 3 months of supervision.

Complete rehabilitation managed directly by an associate to the Red Birdi clinic. Direct contact with patients.

Please visit our page Clinics Online adhering to the aforementioned the Birdi Network:

Personal Pelvic Floor Training Kit

Consists of the following elements:

-Birdi Bluetooth Adaoter

-Vaginal Probe Sensor

-MicroUSB Charger

-Inflation syringe

-Bluetooth Adapter for PC

-Vanity bag

NOTE: The probe is for personal use, it is recommended to keep hygienically clean.

International Shipping

* It supports the purchase of a single "Birdi Plus Pelvic Floor Trainer" per customer, as it involves high automatic in our Virtual Clinic with the data of the client making the request.

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